Meet the Next Generation of High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

How’d you like to cook your dinner from your desk and have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home? Sounds pretty good, and it can easily be a reality for anyone with a smart oven or slow cooker. But those aren’t the only appliances you can control from your phone. Check out some amazing appliances that connect to your phone to make cooking touch-screen simple.

Dacor’s Discovery iQ Oven

On one hand, this American-made oven is equipped with familiar high-end features like convection cooking. On the other hand, Dacor’s Discovery iQ Oven is quite unlike any other. That’s because its touch-screen control panel is—literally—a Google-powered tablet, which, coupled with the Dacor app, allows for unprecedented convenience. For instance, when a dish is ready to serve, the appliance automatically switches to warming mode and sends you a smartphone notification

Mr. Coffee

Making your morning cup of coffee just got a whole lot easier. With the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Optimal Brew Smart Coffeemaker with WeMo, you can easily schedule or adjust brew time right from your smartphone. Set up brewing times in advance, and you can have a fresh cup of coffee ready and waiting when you get out of bed.

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Finally, there’s a way to get a precise temperature read on your turkey withouthaving to hover outside the oven window for half the afternoon. With the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer, you can move around the house, whether you’re working in the kitchen or even sitting in the living room with your guests, confident that it will alert your mobile phone when the bird is thoroughly cooked. An additional LED-screened device sits on the countertop or mounts magnetically to your oven, letting you monitor the temperature whenever you pass by.

WeMo Slow Cooker

Slow cooking couldn’t get any easier, right? Wait! It just did. Using the free WeMo app, you can control this slow cooker right from your phone. Shift from high to warm to off with the tap of your finger—even if you’re miles from home—and dinner will be waiting for you when you arrive.